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F.A.Q. program structure

How does the program work?

It's simple; you select whether you'd like to receive 5 or 7 days worth of food each week, and we'll ship them from our kitchen direct to your door. You won't have to worry about what to eat each week, remember to reorder new meals, or if you'll lose weight.

Our convenient, recurring program takes the guess work out of healthy eating and gives you the ongoing tools and support you need to lose the weight and keep it off.

Are there restrictions on who can use bistroMD?

Anyone can use this program! However, if you have severe medical issues, are lactating, or have severe allergies (example: dairy), you should consult your physician prior to beginning the bistroMD program.

What plans do you offer?

Our main programs are a standard women's and men's program. We also have a specialty Gluten free program. Our meals are also good for Type II diabetics and people who are suffering from heart disease.

In addition to our standard plans, our member services team can create a customized program just for you. Contact us at 866-401-DIET (3438) for more details.

How long should I stay on the program?

You can eat bistroMD for life! Our program was designed as part of a healthy lifestyle philosophy and our meals supply all needed essential daily nutrition.

Do you have a maintenance program?

While we don't have a specific maintenance program, the member services team can customize a program for your specific weight maintenance needs. You can stay on bistroMD as long as you want and continue to receive personal support from the dietitian and information via email.

Will I be hungry on the program?

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to starve to lose weight. In fact, not eating enough throughout the day causes weight loss to be more difficult since your body doesn't have what it needs to function properly.

Many members are amazed by the amount of food in bistroMD entrees especially if they've been on similar plans before. When you cook your first meal, don't be surprised you will see the weight come off, cravings subside, and your energy increase.

Do I get diet and exercise coaching on the program?

You receive free support from a panel of experts including coaching on diet and exercise. You can set up personal, one-on-one meetings with the dietitian as needed to help with medication questions, weight loss plateau, and more. We're here to provide whatever guidance will help you succeed!

Do I have to visit a center to participate in bistroMD?

You don't have to visit a center to participate in the bistroMD program. We provide ample virtual support to fit your lifestyle. We send educational emails, newsletters, and also have a dietician that provides individualized support as needed.

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